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Guide To Play Football Score Betting

Football score betting is a type of sports betting that is very popular at bookmakers. Although not a primary type of bet like Asian handicap, European handicap, or Over/Under bets, score betting still attracts players because of its simple rules and high payout ratios. Let's delve deeper into this type of today free betting tips with Wintips.

Overview of Football Score Betting

To understand this type of betting, let's first examine the concept, advantages, and disadvantages of score betting.

Concept of Football Score Betting

As the name suggests, score betting is a type of football betting that requires players to predict the exact score of a match. Depending on the selection, the payout ratio for players will vary based on the odds of their betting. If the prediction is incorrect, the player loses the entire bet.

Advantages of Football Score Betting

Score betting is considered a lucrative type of bet and is favored by many for the following reasons:

Players can bet on any score they predict.

The payout ratios are extremely high compared to other types of bets like handicap or 1×2, which helps players get richer quickly.

Disadvantages of Football Score Betting

However, despite the appeal of score betting, there are some drawbacks:

The low winning probability because to win this type of bet, one must predict the score 100% accurately.

Players need a certain level of knowledge about football because they have to analyze the match and make accurate predictions. Guessing randomly makes winning difficult.

Understanding these aspects of football score betting can help players make informed decisions and increase their chances of success in sports betting.

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Rules in Football Score Betting

The results in live football matches will be continuously updated by the bookmakers and applied as the score at the time the player places their bet. Live score betting allows players to bet up to the 90th minute or even during extra time. Sometimes, it also depends on the decision of the bookmaker.

When playing score betting today, players can bet within the 90 minutes of official play and extra time. However, there are some exceptions considered safe bets. For example, betting during the time of goals or during penalty shootouts.

Types of football score betting

Currently, bookmakers offer a wide variety of score betting options for players to choose from.

Exact score bet for both teams in the first half.

Bet on the score for the entire match.

Score betting within a specific time frame as desired by the player.

Even or odd score total for both teams.

Predicting the first or last team to score.

Players can choose one or multiple bets to place simultaneously. It's advisable to limit the number of bets placed simultaneously to avoid pressure.

Effective strategies in football score betting

Players should spend time learning from experienced bettors. Betting on the away team's score isn't about predicting luck but relies on skillful score prediction.

Continuously gaining knowledge and experience in football betting is never redundant. Here are some useful tips:

Gather information about both teams, including factors such as lineups, form, and head-to-head history.

In major matches, if the first half doesn't witness much tension or goal difference, focus on the second half.

When two teams with a significant gap in strength play, there tend to be more goals. For instance, when the table-toppers face the bottom team.

Matches where both teams adopt defensive strategies usually see fewer fluctuations.

In crucial matches, the number of goals may not meet players' expectations.

Maintain stable emotions and avoid betting on football score based on crowd psychology.

Combine live score betting with other types of bets to ensure at least some profit even if it's minimal.

Avoid participating in betting on too many matches.

Take a break from betting if experiencing a continuous losing streak.

Divide the capital into smaller portions and never go all in. Follow strategic betting methods.

Beware of bookmakers' traps with excessively high winning odds.

Choose reputable and trustworthy bookmakers for betting.


This betting tips app download has introduced readers to football score betting as well as effective strategies. Wintips wishes players good luck and continuous success in their betting endeavors


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