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How to choose the perfect wedding ring?

Yes, it is a clear yes.

Plan ahead for your wedding rings

Get your wedding ring minimum three months prior to the wedding date in advance, and ideally four before the wedding date. This allows for engravings as well as special wishes. You can do some preliminary research.

Tip: You're late? Ask the jeweler if you could bring your rings in to be engraved after the wedding.

Ask the professionals

The rings you will treasure throughout your life. It is essential to weigh carefully the options available and trust the advice of a reputable jeweler or goldsmith. Deals on the internet aren't appropriate here!

Wedding rings: Test all the things

There are endless ring shapes and colors that affect the way they feel and appear. The only way to gauge the differences and possibilities is to play with them in your own hands. You should pay attention to the ring's crowning (the inner curvature), as this will determine the degree of comfort to wear the rings.

Close your eyes

If you're deciding to choose "your" wedding ring the only person who will decide: your gut. Trust your intuition and feel that "Yes, that's it!" feeling. Perhaps your heart will swoon for an unimaginably beautiful model...

Wedding rings: display your uniqueness

You want it to be rose gold. But it isn't for your partner? There's no reason to cause a (pre-)marriage problem. Often a common design element like shape or surface structure is enough to make you appear as a married couples despite having different wedding rings.

Why don't we?

Chase discounts

The rings will last forever. So don't cut corners. You'll be able to enjoy premium material like platinum 585 or 750 gold, safely set diamonds and beautiful designs for a long time.

You'll still be able to purchase the wedding rings you want regardless of whether your budget isn't enough to be able to.

Falsify the result

The circumferences of fingers can change on hot summer days, or when temperatures are cold in winter. When you are trying on gloves, ensure that they are comfortable.

Be awed

Do you prefer a more elaborate model of a ring, like with stones on the inside of the ring rail or an external engraving? Are you interested in the possibility of having a ring made out of particular materials, such as carbon? Find out more in advance to determine whether future size adjustments will be feasible.


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